15 Super Fun & Unique Budget Friendly Date Ideas

We’ve all been there. Your weekly date rolls around and you realize you’re a bit strapped for cash. You’re in need of a budget friendly date, but you’ve been hitting the same restaurant for dinner and are wanting something different.

Something fun, random and cheap.

Weekly dates were something my parents always made a priority, and I grew up with that as the norm. So when I got married, you can bet that was something I wanted to do.

We’ve gotten creative over the last year or so, and have come up with what we think are some fun things to do together…

budget friendly date ideas

Why a weekly date?

If you have a job, or a spouse, or kids, or are human, odds are your life is busy. There are only three in our little family, and our week is packed before we know it.

There’s no way we could go out more than once, and for our sanity, we NEED that day to reconnect, and slow down. I always feel so refreshed and back on track after our date.

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Some of my favorite budget friendly dates…

Game day/night

We recently had a down day were my husband wasn’t feeling good and didn’t go to work. It was cold and rainy, so after he slept the morning away, we literally spent the entire rest of the day playing games.

We broke out the Wii, played a ton of liars dice, drank hot chocolate, made breakfast for dinner, and then played two person Taboo.

All with a baby and didn’t spend a dime.

It was basically the best day ever.


Super easy to do with a baby, and also pretty cheap. Two people can bowl two games for around $25. Throw in some ice cream too, if you’re feeling it.

Hit some Goodwill’s

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! This was a ton of fun. We went to a few different one’s, picked something out for each other, and tried on some unique things. Let’s just say my body was not built for rompers…

Combine this with lunch at Costco, and this can easily be under $30.

Mini- Golf + Milk shakes

This one will take you back to your pre-marriage dating days…super fun and cheap, plus it’s low key so you can just enjoy each other’s company. without a ton of distractions

budget friendly dates

Indoor Bouldering

Great for any weather if you like to be active, and usually around $15 per person. It’s also easy to take a baby if you don’t have a sitter!

Mall Walking

Yep. Just like when you were dating. Get free samples from See’s, look at all the ugly clothing, Get Auntie Ann’s pretzels or Cinnabon, (or both. Not gonna judge), discreetly point out interesting people, browse all the fun stores, and depending on your budget pick something out for the other person.

Go biking.

If you have your own bikes, this one is definitely budget friendly. All you need is gas. Pack a picnic lunch, or eat out if you want.

Go for a hike.

Also a super cheap option, and there are so many beautiful hikes for all skill levels!

Go for a walk in a fun neighborhood.

This is also a favorite of ours. Find a neighborhood with unique houses, and just walk and point out which one’s you like, what you would change etc.

We have a three mile loop we like to do with nice houses, and some pretty run down one’s, and we love dreaming of how we would fix them up if we could.

We put Amiya in her JJ Cole carrier, and just enjoy each other’s company strolling and holding hands. Sometimes we’ll stop for a treat at the local bakery or get a coffee. Talk about a budget friendly date…

Disc Golf.

This can be a bit of an investment at first to get a set of discs for each of you, but it’s still pretty cheap, and if you already have some, then it’s free to go.

Google disc golf courses near me and explore your different options. Even if it’s an easy course it’s fun to go out and do something competitive as a couple.

budget friendly dates

Arcade games with stakes.

Grab a pocket full of quarters and go crazy. Set a timer for an hour or so, and whoever wins the most games wins. Be creative with your stakes… I’m pretty original and always pick a massage…lol.

Bake/cook something together.

you can either agree on something to bake, or have a bake-off.

You could also give yourselves 10 minutes in the grocery store, split up and pick some random ingredients that sound good and create a meal with what you both picked out…

Dollar Tree date.

Again, split up and give yourselves a certain amount of time. Try to avoid each other (without being creepy about it), and pick 4 things for the other person.

  • A snack-ish food they might like
  • A card
  • A toy than reminds you of them, for whatever reason
  • A totally random item, as weird or cool as you choose

Movie night in bed with aaaaaaall the snacks.

This one is great for those times you don’t want to go out, and just want to snuggle. Put your little(s) to bed, bring out the snacks you’ve been hoarding and enjoy some down time together.

Coffee + couples trivia.

We did this one recently without Amiya, and it was one of my favorite dates ever. Print a set for each of you, go out for coffee and have fun mullingover your answers as well as guessing your partners.

Get your free couples trivia

Trivia directions

Couples Trivia page 1

Couples Trivia page 2

The way the questions are worded can be a bit tricky so make sure you’re putting down the answer for the correct person.

For example:

question 9. What is the most difficult aspect of me for you?

I had to write down what I thought my husband found the most difficult, and vice versa, then after all our answers were written we took turns guessing.

This definitely created some interesting conversation!

I hope this gave you some new ideas for fun, budget friendly dates!

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