5 Positive Habits That Will Change Your Life

If someone were to ask me the ONE thing that changed my life, I would say it is my daily routine.

Which really is not one thing.

No BS about it, there really is no ONE thing.

My daily routine is made up of a lot of little habits that over time have changed my life.

The secret sauce of life is how you spend your time.

You are what you do and what you think.

If want to change your life, you must change what you are doing on a daily basis.

You can exercise until you pass out. You can eat kale and broccoli all you want.

But if you have a negative mindset, if your job is making you miserable, if you’re in a toxic relationship, then nothing else that you do to try and achieve health is going to make a difference.

I saw a quote on my Pinterest feed the other day by Albert Einstein that said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

This is so true.

Positivity is the fuel that moves you forward on the path to healthy living, so you’ll probably hear me talking about it a lot in the future.

I’ve made a list of 5 positive habits that have helped me develop a healthy daily routine. These are things I have gradually added into my life over the past couple of years. Sometimes I would start a habit and feel like, “why the heck am I doing this? This feels stupid”.

But the proof is in the pudding girlfriend.

You know as well as anyone that consistency is the key to getting the results you want. Committing to improving your day is an investment in yourself that brings results.


I used to journal a lot. During my teens I filled up several journals a year. They were packed with what I did that day, what people said or did, all those angst-y teen feelings, and brain-dumps of ideas. I would spend hours pouring my soul into those books.

I have to laugh at my younger self a little. She firmly believed in documenting everything  because someday her descendants might want to read and find out what the life of a millennial teen was like (heads up future descendants, it was full of drama and self-absorption just like it is for teens in any century).

As a wife and business owner, dog-mom and growing a tiny human, I don’t have time for that level of introspection. Maybe you do, and if so that’s awesome! I firmly believe that more we can safely and privately express any and all feelings and thoughts we have, the better we’re able to process them and move on in a productive fashion.

But if you’re like me and don’t have time to write a novel every day, try just committing five minutes a day journaling. Try it before work, or in bed before going to sleep.

Make a bullet-point list of that day’s highlights.

Write about what you’re grateful for.

List some goals for the day and how you’re going to make them happen.

Analyze a problem that you have in your life and how you feel about it.




Writing down your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them by 42% Something about seeing your dreams and ideas brought into the physical world in paper and ink instead of just floating around in the abstract world gives those dreams a life of their own.

Listen To A Podcast

You’ve probably heard this one before. It’s supposed to be this great tool for personal development and learning valuable information, but for the longest time I just couldn’t really get into this habit.

My problem was that I couldn’t find a podcast I could stand listening to and didn’t get bored with.

I recently stumbled upon the GoalDigger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher and after just one episode I was hooked! I love this podcast’s honest look a Jenna’s life and her rock-solid advice on building a business. I’ve binged on episodes of this podcast and listened to some of them more than once–they’re that addicting.

There are tons of awesome and inspiring podcasts out there. Find the one that speaks to you and helps you grow as an individual and dive into it. Make your commute to work or your afternoon walk a time for personal development. Time spent working on yourself is never wasted.

Prep For Your Day

Set yourself up for success.

I seriously feel so much more in control of my day if I don’t start out by careening out of bed, scrambling to find something to eat while trying to put on deodorant, and getting to work only to find out that I left my badge and keys in the dryer.

Set out your clothes.

Pack a lunch.

Plan your breakfast (you know you should be eating it, so just do it).

Do your skin care routine.

Think about your intentions for tomorrow.

Check your daily planner for the day and put your big three goals down on your schedule.

Run your day or the day runs you.  

Cook At Home

I know that frozen waffles and hot pockets are fast and easy (and delish…I know it!) but save them for the fun occasions like girl’s night.

If you really want to be healthy, learn to cook.

It’s not as hard as the food industry has made us think it is.

Whether you’re that college kid living on a tiny stipend, or cooking for your family, hop on Google or Pinterest and search for easy meals.

Literally, type in “5 ingredient meals” or “healthy recipes for a crowd” or “10 minute meals”.

Keep it simple.

Stock your pantry and fridge with whole foods that don’t require much or any prep.

Whole fruits, veggies and grains require almost nothing but water to turn into easy meals like fresh fruit and oatmeal, or brown rice with stir-fried veggies.

My hubby and I have a fun date where we split up in the grocery store, buy four or five items and then have a crazy cookoff at home making a meal with everything that we bought.

Turn up the music and light a candle while you create in the kitchen.

Pretend you’re on Chopped and narrate your creations if that’s what keeps it entertaining.

Have a themed meal night.

Know exactly what is in your food and keep it as whole and fresh as possible.

The food industry thinks they can feed you better than you can feed yourself, and I’m here to tell you they are wrong.

Cooking at home is easy on your budget and your waistline.

So get in that kitchen and just start creating and experimenting!

Trust me, you will fall in love with nourishing your body.

Join A Health Community

Accountability is the secret sauce of creating a healthy lifestyle. It is amazing what can happen when strong and determined people get together and support each other.

I’m the biggest introvert of all. Like, I am so happy to be by myself at home in pajamas, but when it came to working out consistently I actually felt isolated a lot of the time. I didn’t realize that all those people at the gym weren’t judging me, and they either felt just as insecure as I did, or they were confident enough in themselves that they didn’t feel the need to judge others.

But being part of a health community doesn’t have to mean joining a gym.

Facebook groups or other online forums are an awesome way to connect with like-minded people, even if they’re not in your local area. While I was in school for my health coaching certification, several classmates and I had a Facebook group where we posted our goals, how our coaching businesses were doing, or what we were cooking. And actually, most of those people were located halfway across the globe from where I was.

A health community could be so many different things.

A zumba class.

A corporate wellness program.

A mental health support group.

A community garden.

Whatever it is that you need to reach a goal that you have set, find out where people with those same goals are gathering and go there.

Can’t find any groups to join?

Start your own!

Choose community over competition (trust me) and watch the magic happen.

I hope this little list helps you find your groove in life and rock it!

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